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What does this harmonic spiral structure suggest? Discover the subject this picture mirrors.

Artists let themselves be inspired by nature. Here, the source of inspiration was the shell of a nautilus. Phragmocone is the scientific designation of this harmonic, completely symmetrical spiral structure. Just like cuttlefish these animals belong to the family of cephalopods and, at the beginning of their lives, they build a new chamber of their shell every month, always moving in the newest and largest space to life there. The chambers are filled with a gas mixture helping the living fossil to adjust its buoyancy. Thereby, it moves at depths of 400 metres below the surface – in a way similar to a submarine. As “logarithmic spiral”, the structure of the shell quickened the interest of well-known mathematicians such as Jakob Bernoulli, as it always maintains the same ration of length to width while growing. The nautilus is only one of the many architects found in the nature. These fascinating shapes form entirely without plans. Human architects need plans for building – in their heads, on paper or in digital form.


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