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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on the advance and will continue to help people in the future. We show how.

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Trade in crop protection products: Cartel Office and BayWa reach settlement

BayWa AG, Munich and the German Federal Cartel Office have agreed to end the antitrust proceedings concerning trade in crop protection products. The company has decided to settle in order to end the complex, time-consuming and resource-intensive proceedings. The settlement includes the payment up ...

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AIL presents Robotics Report: lack of legal framework is slowing agricultural robotics innovation in the EU

Could Europe’s farmers soon face competition from the use of automated robots? That is the question raised in the Robotics Report published by Agro Innovation Lab (AIL), the joint innovation hub spearheaded by BayWa and RWA. In their status report, the authors conclude that agricultural robots ...

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One year of growing tomatoes in the desert: BayWa AG assesses flagship project in the UAE positively

A year after the official opening of its climate-controlled greenhouses in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), BayWa AG has assessed the project positively. The Group, which implemented the project as a joint venture with Al Dahra Holding, LCC, Abu Dhabi, used the past year to optimise ...

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